Finding Words


Less than a week ago I arrived home from an unforgettable trip. A trip I have longed to take for many years to a place that had a hold of my heart long before my feet even touched its soil.

Uganda. The Pearl of Africa.

I have found it very difficult to find the words that adequately express what I saw and experienced. I ran into a friend the day after I came home and she asked about my trip. Amazing. Unforgettable. Was that really the best I could come up with? And then I told her that I didn’t even know what to say yet. It’s all still processing in my foggy, jet-lagged brain.

But slowly I am finding the words. I’m trying to write things down so I don’t forget. There are so many things I just don’t ever want to forget. The sights and smells, the beautiful landscape, the faces. Especially the faces. The beautiful smiles and pure joy of the children we spent time with. Their laughter was infectious! Their hugs and unconditional acceptance. Their delight in the simplest of things.

And I can’t wait to tell you about John. The reason I went to Uganda in the first place.

I know as the days go by the words will come.

I guess for now the best I can do is say that it truly was amazing and unforgettable.

And I’m already trying to figure out when I can go back.