Hey There!

I am so glad you are here.

A little about me…

I’m a Pacific Northwest gal–born and raised–now living in the great state of Texas with my husband (we just celebrated 20 years of marriage!) and three kids (almost all teens..ages 16, 14, and 12). I miss my home state of Washington, but Texas is a pretty great place to live.

I like coffee (a lot–like a whole lot), books (I acquire them at an alarming rate, but not always so good about actually reading them), traveling (especially to places with mountains, trees, and lakes/rivers), and eating (particularly if it is food that I have not cooked, but I don’t mind getting out in the kitchen a bit too).

A little about this blog…

This is my second blogging go-around and I’m just getting back into the swing of things. Very slowly.

The name Stand and Consider comes from Job 37:14: “…stand and consider the wonders of God.” It’s a reminder for me to take the time, day by day and moment by moment, to stop and consider the wonders–the good gifts, the multitude of blessings–of our great God. I’m not always good about that, but I think I’m getting better.

Thanks so much for taking some time to stop by! May you always find encouragement and grace in this place.